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Energy by Mind Map: Energy

1. gravitational potential energy

1.1. stored in an object because of its location

1.1.1. higher the odject the greater its gravitational potential energy

2. elastic potential energy

2.1. stored in an elastic object as a result of stretched or compessed

2.1.1. when the string of a bow is pulled back, it gains elastic potential energy

3. chemical potential energy

3.1. stored in fuels,food and batteries

4. Great White Sharks

4.1. tabby

4.2. kok wei

4.3. seng kiat

5. task

5.1. tabby-kinetic energy,potential energy

5.2. kok wei-heat energy,sound energy

5.3. seng kiat-light energy,electrical energy

6. What?

6.1. energy is required to make things work or move . and it exist in many different forms

7. Why?

7.1. make things work or move

8. Kinetic energy

8.1. motion

8.2. all moving objects have kinetic

8.3. a stationary object does not have kinetic energy

8.4. an odject gains kinetic energy when it starts to move and loses kinetic when it slows down or stop

9. Potential energy

9.1. potential energy is energy that is stored in an object and can be used at a later time

10. Light energy

10.1. Travels in straight line

10.2. Can be reflected

10.3. Converts to electricity in solar panels

11. Example of light sources

11.1. Sun(Main source) movie projector,torch light

12. Electrical energy

12.1. affects almost every part of our lives

12.1.1. made available when electricity flows in an eletric circuit

13. sound energy

13.1. hear

13.2. can travel through solids,liquids and gases.It cannot travel through a vacuum.

13.3. enables us to communicate with one another.

14. heat energy

14.1. feel

14.2. warm

14.3. higher temperature to a lower temperature.

14.4. used to do work like:drying things,ironing,cooking