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1. Task

1.1. Hassan

1.1.1. Light Energy

1.1.2. Electrical Energy

1.2. Xiaoyan

1.2.1. Heat Energy

1.2.2. Kinetic Energy

1.3. ShuJin

1.3.1. Sound Energy

1.3.2. Potential Energy

1.3.3. Energy Conversions

2. Amazing Anaconda

2.1. Hassan,Xio yan,Shu jin

3. Heat Energy

3.1. can feel cannot see

3.2. gain heat when heat from hotter flows to it

3.2.1. loses heat when its heat flows to a cooler objerct

3.3. living need to keep their boides warm in order to survive

3.3.1. Warm blooded animals generate their own body heat Cool-blooded they need to sun themselves to keep their bodies warm

4. Sound Energy

4.1. type of energy that we can hear

4.2. We can heard sound because it travel through air to our ears

4.2.1. can also travel through liquids and solids

4.3. We use sound energy to communicate

4.3.1. It also helps us to learn more about our surroundings

4.4. Sound is very useful to people

5. Light Energy

5.1. EXTRA..

5.1.1. Without light,our world will be turn into total darkness.the plant cannot photosythesis.if the plant not photosyhesis there is no food in the food.we will died..

5.1.2. SOURCES OF LIGHT THE SUN is the main source of energy for living thing. Sun,Fire works,Fire flys,Fire

5.1.3. REFLECTION OF LIGHT When light falls on an object,some of it baouces back.

5.1.4. SHADOW when light shines on the object and reflected in our eyes

5.2. light is form of energy

5.2.1. light does not have mass or take up space.hence

5.2.2. light tarvel very fast.

5.2.3. It travels in straigth line.

5.3. help us to see

6. Kinetic Energy

6.1. energyf its motion.

6.2. How much Kinetic energydepends on how fast the object is moving

6.3. An object gains Kinetic energy when it start to move and loses Kinetic energy when it slows down or stop

6.3.1. A statinary object does not have Kinetic energy

6.4. The effects of Kinetic energy can also be observed in nature

6.5. The more mass a moving object has, the greater its Kinetic energy

6.6. The faster the object move the greater the kinetic energy is.

6.7. Some object make use of Kinetic energy

6.7.1. E.G... Wind turbine use Kinetic energy of wind to produceduce electrictiy

7. Potential Energy

7.1. Potential energy that can be stored comes in a number of different forms

7.2. Chemical

7.2.1. Fuels,such as wood ,petrol ,and food have Chemical potentional energy

7.3. Gravitational

7.3.1. energy that is store in an object of its location

7.3.2. the higher the object is place its the greater gravitational potential energy

7.4. Elastic

7.4.1. store in an elastic object as being stretched or compressed

7.4.2. When the string of a bow is pull back, it gains eleastic potential engery. When it released,the arrow shoot out

7.4.3. A compressed string 'jack in a box', is one type of Elastic potential energy. the toy inside the box pops up when it open

8. Why We Need Energy?

8.1. Living things need energy to carry out life processes

9. What Is Energy?

9.1. Energy is a ability to do or work or make thing move

10. How Energy Is From?

10.1. Energy flow from the sun to living thing.

11. Electrical Energy

11.1. EXTRA..

11.1.1. Things that use electric. E.G... television,microwave,hand phone, electric city at home.etc

11.1.2. most wide-used forms of energy.

11.1.3. can affect almost every part of our lives

11.1.4. is made available when electricity flows in electric an circuit

11.1.5. The Electrical Energy for these devices is usuallysupplied by batteries

11.1.6. Some device have solar cell E.G... calculators Solar cell able to convert sunlight to electrical energy

12. froms of energy

12.1. energy in action

12.1.1. heat,light,sonud,electrical and kinetic

12.2. stored energy

12.2.1. chemical,potential

13. Energy Conversions

13.1. cannot be destroyed

13.2. Energy only can be converted

13.3. Energy can be converted from one to another

13.3.1. When you throw a basketball, it moves and gains kinetic energy, this energy is not created by you but is converted from another form of energy

13.3.2. Solar panels convert light energy from sun into electrical energy