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Energy by Mind Map: Energy

1. Kinetic Energy

1.1. energy of motion

1.2. the more mass a moving object has,the greater its kinetic energy

2. Cheerful cheetah

2.1. Puteri,Eng seng, Handian

3. Task

3.1. Puteri

3.1.1. Kinetic Energy

3.1.2. sound energy

3.2. Eng seng

3.2.1. Potential energy

3.2.2. light energy

3.3. Handian

3.3.1. Heat energy

3.3.2. Electrical energy

4. sound energy

4.1. It is a type of energy that we can hear.there are many type of sound

4.2. -VE

4.2.1. too loud = damaged ears

4.3. +VE

4.4. examples

4.4.1. rustling of leaves

4.4.2. bursting of balloon

5. heat energy

5.1. A form of energy that we can feel but cannot see

5.2. the sun is our main source of heat

5.3. the heat from the sun keeps us warm and sustains life on the earth

6. Light Energy

6.1. Light is the form of energy that enables us to see.It travels in straight lines and outwards from its source. Not only is the Sun our main source of heat, it is also our main source of light.

6.2. Eg;like torch from a torch helps us t o see at night , A movie projector uses light to display an image on a screen, Traffic lights use light to give signals

7. Potential energy

7.1. Potential energy is energy that is stored in an object and can be used at a later time, It comes in a number of different forms

7.2. Eg; The gravitational potential energy of a rollercoaster decreases as it comes down a ramp

8. Why we need energy

8.1. Energy can let us see things , hold things , move things , use electricity objects, give us heat, let us hear things ,