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Energy by Mind Map: Energy
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How Does Energy Work?


Hazirah:Kinetic Energy,Gravitational potential energy,elastic potential energy.

Ming Wei:Sound Energy,Light energy,Heat energy

Rahim: chemical potential energy,Potential energy,Energy conversion

Heat Energy

heat help us feel much more warmer.

The Sun Is Our Main Source Of Heat

It is a form of energy that we can feel but cannot see.


An object gains heat when heat from a hotter objects flow it.An object losses heat when its heat flows to a cooler object.

More About Energy

It is ability to do work.It causes many changes to occur around us everyday.It is involved whenever something moves,heats,cools,grows,produces light or producers sound.It exist in many different forms.

Energetic Eagles

Hazirah,Ming Wei,Rahim

Light Energy

Main Source of light is the sun.

We Need Light To See

Energy that enable us to see.


It helps the process of photosynthesis

Kinetic Energy

movements and motion.

mass and speed.

Examples Of Kinetic Energy

Sound energy

Not A Matter

It is type of energy that we can hear.

something that we can hear

Potential Energy

Stored in an object and can be used at a later time.

Gravitational Potential Energy

Elastic potential energy

Chemical Potential Energy


Why we have energy?


Where Does Energy Happens?


When we use energy?


It is good in our daily life and it is easy


If One energy is being remove,we will not be able to continue our daily routine.

Electrical Energy

Use Energy in our daily life


Portable devices,such as wrist watches,mobile phones,music players and laptops computers,also have electrical energy.

Energy Conversions

Energy can neither be created nor destroyed.However it can convert from energy to another.