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Energy by Mind Map: Energy

1. Heat Energy

1.1. heat energy is a form of enery we can feel.

1.2. burning fuels,such as wood,coal,natural gas and oil,are other sources of heat.

2. Light Energy

2.1. Light is a form of energy that enables us to see.

2.2. light travels in straight lines and outwards from its source.

2.3. the sun is also our main source of light.

2.4. extra

2.4.1. electrical lights light up our city and help us to see at night.

3. Sound Energy

3.1. sound is the type of energy that we can hear.

3.2. we use sound energy to communicate.

3.3. sound energy also helps us to learn more about the surroundings.

3.4. extra

3.4.1. sound is very useful to people because it helps us to learn more about the world.

4. Thunderous tigers

4.1. Zahri,Arianty,Natelie

5. tasks

5.1. Natalie

5.1.1. sound energy

5.1.2. electrical energy

5.2. Zahri

5.2.1. light energy

5.3. Arianty

5.3.1. heat energy

5.3.2. kinetic energy

6. kinetic energy

6.1. the energy of motion.

6.2. a stationary object does not have kinetic energy.

6.3. an object gains kinetic energy when it starts to move

6.4. a object loses kinetic energy when it slowsdown or stops

6.5. extra

6.5.1. the amount of kinetic energy an object has depends on its mass and how fast it is moving

7. potential energy

7.1. potential is a energy that is stored in an object and can be use at later time.

8. gravitational potential energy

8.1. it is energy that is stored in an object because of its location.The higher the object the greater its gravitional potential energy.

9. chemical potential energy

9.1. An energy that is stored in fuels,foodand battries.

10. elastic potential energy

10.1. It is an energy that is stored in an elastic object as a result of being stretch or compress.

11. electrical energy

11.1. It is a form of energy that affects almost every part of our lives.