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World War II by Mind Map: World War II

1. Lesson Objectives

1.1. • Students will be able to discuss significant leaders during World War II

1.2. • Students will be able to identify certain dates and events such as battles, treaties, and their impact on the outcome of the war.

1.3. • Students understand the meaning, implication, and impact of historical events and recognize that events could have taken other directions.

2. Lesson

2.1. Find Daily Political Cartoon

2.2. Daily lecture usually done with Power Point

2.3. Watch White Light Black Rain Video

2.4. Daily reviews of previous day lecture

2.5. Give final chapter assessment

3. What Students Will Do

3.1. Bell Work Political Cartoon Analysis Daily

3.2. Having students read out loud passages in the book I have found that give emphasis on this lesson.

3.3. Will have each student review a military or world power leader during this time and write a short essay paper on them to discuss in class.

3.4. Vocabulary Homework assignments

3.5. Write in journals their thoughts on video.

4. Follow-Up

4.1. Grade Assessments, Journal Entries, Political Cartoon Analysis, and Essay Papers

4.2. Review with other teachers my lesson plans and improve where needed