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Performance by Mind Map: Performance

1. House keeping

1.1. Excitement & Challenge

1.1.1. Excitement to give some back

1.1.2. Challenge my shortest seminar 28 Days Get Clients Now! I am into Immersion How you learn Language? We Teach the language of Marketing and self promotion

1.1.3. Your investment of time

1.1.4. My investment of time When I ask you a question: Raise your Hand and said I I'll ask you Question that I know that you know the answer Cell phone OFF Duration

2. Why Guy

2.1. I am not Here to motive you

2.2. Internal driver activator

2.3. Emotion Is the Force of life!

2.4. Look at your own life

2.4.1. Contribute more

2.4.2. Appreciate people

3. Obsession 20

3.1. Quality of people life

3.2. Quality in their performance

3.2.1. Please enter the information for the

3.3. Produce the result NOW!

3.3.1. Understanding of human needs

3.4. How to make a chance

3.4.1. What is Shaping ability to contribute?

4. 2 Master Lesson

4.1. Science of Achievement

4.2. Art of Fulfillment

4.3. Example 2 People

4.3.1. Hollywood Type

4.3.2. Somebody that has been abuse

4.4. What is Shaping Us?

4.4.1. Therapy Culture

4.4.2. Knowing something intellectually But not apply it!


5. Have you ever fail to achieve?

5.1. You, spouse, Friend your kids

5.2. What are the reason?

5.2.1. I didn't have Knowledge.

5.2.2. The Technology

5.2.3. The Money

5.2.4. The Right Boss

5.3. What are all those things have in common

5.3.1. They are claim that you are missing resources

5.3.2. They may be accurate

5.3.3. But that is not the defining factor Is not Resources It is Resolfunest

5.3.4. If you get the right Emotion You can get througth anything If you fun and enough

5.3.5. But that is not the story that people are telling us The are bunch of different stories What determine Resources? We said that Decision Shape destiny (Which is our focus here

6. If decision shape destiny

6.1. Think about your own life

6.1.1. South America and Africa were connect and someway

6.1.2. Partners become obvious

6.1.3. The decision that change your destiny What to go work? Meet the love of your life Where to go to school? How would your life be different?

6.1.4. The History of our World is change by this decisions Rosa Parker Taimment Square 1989 Lance Armstrongs

6.2. They are 3 decision every moment

6.2.1. What Am I going to focus on? The meaning will create in emotion

6.2.2. You have to give that I meaning Is this the beginning or the end? Is God Punish me or rewarding me? Or this is the roll of the dice

6.2.3. The meaning will trigger and emotion The emotion will trigger and action or what you are going to do

7. What Shape Land what Shape Us

7.1. Two invisible Forces

7.1.1. Our Model of the World FILTER TO MAKE DECISIONS meaning emotion Action

7.1.2. Our State:

7.2. We need to know what influence people

7.2.1. The Fuel

7.2.2. Map What the believe system are tell you

7.2.3. Target Needs we have

8. 6 Humans Needs

8.1. Contribute

8.1.1. Last 2 Needs of the Spirit

8.2. Grow

8.3. Connection & Love

8.3.1. First 4 Needs of the personality

8.4. Significance

8.5. Uncertainty

8.6. Certainty

9. Target

9.1. What Shape Us?

9.2. Lead System

9.3. Maps

9.4. Time

9.5. Emotion