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Go Karting Game by Mind Map: Go Karting Game
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Go Karting Game

Cones To Lead The Way (:

New node

Background Can Be The Track (:

Go Karts (:




Trees To Make It Effective (:

Fir (:

Beech (:

Only One Kart Beacuse Only One Player (:

Maybe People Watching Like Proper Races (:

Control Your Character (:

Left To Go Left (:

Right To Go Right (:

Up To Go Up (:

Down To Go Down (:

Arrow Keys (:

Aim -To Race Round The Track Without Bashing Into Any Obsiticles There May Be Along The Way (:

At The End If You Win Or Beat The Clock You Could Win A Trophy It Flashes On The Screen (:

You Could Also Move Up A Level (Good Idea For Another Scratch Game) (: