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Philip K. Dick Trends by Mind Map: Philip K. Dick Trends
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Philip K. Dick Trends

Throughout Philip K. Dicks short stories there are a certain trends that are visible. These trends range from thematic trends, character trends and setting trends.

Thematic Trends

Devices Undermining us

What if the devices we use to aid us, where used against us?

The Continued Existence of The Human Race

A thematic trend that Phillip K. Dick loved to tinker with was the uncertainty of the survival of the human race. The last page would usually leave us questioning the odds of the species survival. He would not bluntly tell us of this disaster, he would end the story with just the pieces of the puzzle, allowing us to draw our own conclusions.

Future Prediction

Character Trends

Average Joe is the Hero

    What  this trend means is that Philip seemed to have a need to make most of his prevailing characters as average people, or like the saying goes just a Regular average Joe. The reason for making most of his characters average people was the fact that it made the audience engage more.  

Women Portrayed as Weak

Setting trends

Small, Confined Spaces

Post Apocalyptic Earth