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Ingredients for Great Groups by Mind Map: Ingredients for Great Groups
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Ingredients for Great Groups

Enough Time

to produce

to attain realistic goals

to evolve

to sow

to reap

mutual respect

prepared to stop before violating values



create safety and trust

Obtainable Resources

rich connections

viable social network


Galvanizing Goals


do no harm


evolving to current need (relevant)


serving others


sacrifice lower-level order to gain higher-level order of the group

buy options to preserve possibility

divert for gain then restore and recover afterwards

Balanced Habitat


both nurturing and provoking

value supporting


The Right People Mix


shared values


types needed

Ability to Adapt

Learn from everything

imagine alternatives

fast failure recovery

validate assumptions early

action guided by experimentation

see current reality as it is

Ability to Collaborate

share the burden

share learning

establish rules of engagement

work together, really!

practice quick positive conflict resolution

Ingredients for Great Groups by Dennis Lee Britton is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. Based on a work at

by Dennis Britton