CP2 Aalborg

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CP2 Aalborg by Mind Map: CP2 Aalborg

1. Intro's

1.1. John Smith

1.1.1. Joined- started cp2 1998

1.1.2. 6 people

1.1.3. workshop with etienne

1.1.4. Bev trainer took workshop in 2001

1.1.5. things changed after 9/11 went on online face 2 face meetings attached to conferences

1.1.6. book on technology: digital habitats

1.1.7. current projects conference columbia e-learning thing for food and agricultural org. in US Coaching about communities seems to be down (because of crisis) work with june wholly, nancy white on Network Weaving

1.1.8. budhist meditation instructor

1.2. Barb McDonald

1.2.1. cp2 in 2002

1.2.2. did foundations workshop early in 2002

1.2.3. now is a mentor in CP2 foundations workshop

1.2.4. maried - kids

1.2.5. paper with bronwyn and sus

1.2.6. doing phd

1.2.7. now live in ireland

1.2.8. worked at LMS company creating custom content for clients

1.2.9. now works at US schoolbook publisher is owned by ireland e-learning company digital - instructional design is in ireland

1.2.10. communities with financial planners

1.3. Sus Nyrop

1.3.1. computer science b4 even touched a computer!

1.3.2. community by danish newspaper

1.3.3. danish

1.3.4. videoconference guy with a secret lab at uni underground experiments

1.3.5. In canada video analysis of children learning

1.3.6. Scope community

1.3.7. prefer small groups

1.3.8. Online: feels free to express herself

1.3.9. Foundations workshop Barb was mentor 2003 met webheads in action group is now also a mentor in the workshop went to 2 face to face meetings

1.3.10. you have to have own experience with technology to facilitate

1.3.11. today ..in a state of partly retirement

1.3.12. maybe one day i will write this book

1.4. Brenda Kaulback

1.4.1. since 2005 member cp2

1.4.2. independent consultant since 1997

1.4.3. appreciative inquiry

1.4.4. NYC - US

1.4.5. Nancy White facilitation workshop

1.4.6. follows Scope a little as well

1.4.7. coaching of people in organizations/ across organizations who are using communities. some piece of work that has to be accomplished

1.4.8. people need to have a point of passion or a point of pain.

1.4.9. working on phd

1.4.10. grandmother

1.5. Jeffrey Keefer

1.5.1. started with cp2 a few years ago

1.5.2. moved to Cp2 from nancy's workshop

1.5.3. JOhns story about jeffrey connected futures workshop chaotic workshop. technology stewardship participation reification was it taken for granted? "participation in communities doenst make sense if there isnt some kind of reification (making into an object)" John Smith

1.6. Robin Yap

1.6.1. connected to cp2 via Jeffrey

1.6.2. works at TD bank Toronto

1.6.3. runs L&D team

1.6.4. graduate with law degree

1.6.5. ISO board certification for learning organizations processes are slow, maybe political

1.6.6. Practice oriented when i hear theoretical: how do i apply this? how does it make meaning for my team

1.7. Ann Marcus

1.7.1. harold garfinckel

1.7.2. phenomonology

1.7.3. cultures learning

1.7.4. knowledge management

1.7.5. cisco

2. RD fest

2.1. Heidi

2.1.1. american living in sweden

2.1.2. understanding face to face and online tools

2.2. cristina costa

2.2.1. portuguese living in UK

2.2.2. to champion collaboartive tools

3. Bev Trayner

3.1. video's

3.2. interviews with researchers

3.3. change by breaking through existing patterns

3.4. much work in the background - talk with people

3.5. can they just bring in a new facilitator?

3.6. getting peoples trust is important

3.7. analysis

3.8. community private or public

3.8.1. wanting to have video's published in a closed community instead of at youtube

3.9. video's are a way of bringing voices together

3.10. BeTreat

3.10.1. twitter

3.10.2. webex 6 camera's

3.10.3. skype

3.11. skype

3.11.1. chat is equal

3.11.2. merge different chats using timestamps

3.11.3. direction of looking at camera

3.11.4. world cafe online computer at a table with 5 people online in skype