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Rose Royces Mind map of stereotypes by Mind Map: Rose Royces Mind map of
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Rose Royces Mind map of stereotypes

This is just a demo map that you can delete right away, if you feel like it...

There are many ways to make ourselves no longer stereotype people.

Its harmful effects

We as humans tend to see people as our standarized pictures.

It is affecting our future generations sadly since our parents and there parents parents generalized maybe a certain race of religion due to the fact that it was gossip but strongly believed.

Its effects can stop us from further developing ourselve as mature adults and be role models for our peers or younger siblings.

Stereotypes just gossip?



Misconceptions of a certain group or ethicnicity.

Are not always a fact.

Hurt others since your basing your judgment of them off of gossip.

Warp judgements.

Many will call a silent killer since it sometimes affects your perspective of a certain person. Which could then kill something you never got the chance of having such as having a relationship, friendship, or connection.

Stereotypes in fact could just be looked at as a type of gossip. This gossip makes us prejudge someone before getting to know them.


Gossip is just idle talk or rumors.

Light or familar talk or writing., Personal Todo List, Vacation Planning, Meeting Minutes, Project Plan, more...

Is usually chit chat most times malicious., Offline Mode, Geistesblitz Tools, Email & SMS Gateways, Compare Editions

No one truly knows when stereotyping actually began