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Sarah Vann's Resource Portal by Mind Map: Sarah Vann's Resource Portal

1. In this "mind map" you will find a series of resources that have proved themselves to be useful to me during my college career.

2. Academic Search Premier

2.1. Academic Search Premier is an online database website that is listed in College of Charleston's database list. I have found this database to be extremely useful in regard to many topics during my years in college. Most of the articles affiliated with this website are peer reviewed which has helped me research topics and write papers. The site is very easy to navigate and has a wide variety of search options.


3.1. JStor is another helpful database that the College recommends. Jstor has been, and will continue to be, one of my favorite search engines when I am doing research. All of the articles are scholarly articles and the advanced search option is extremely helpful. The website has a list of "disciplines and/or titles" that groups articles together based on their topic and it also allows you to enter a date range for the articles you are hoping to find.

4. Google Scholar

4.1. While can be helpful when doing research, it is not always valid or credible., however, is just as easy to use as google, and it is scholarly. The advanced scholar search option is great. You can search articles based on subject, keyword, phrases, and dates. You can also search legal opinions and journals based on US federal court opinions or court opinions from specific states.


5.1. I included easybib in this portal because bibliography format is something that is fairly "petty" but it can cost a student to lose points where they should not be lost, even if the paper or report is well- written. Easy bib has been extremely helpful to me because it offers a variety of formats such as APA or MLA.

6. Addlestone's Special Collections

6.1. I did not use Addlestone's Special Collections until last semester when I was doing a research project for my history class. The Special Collections room is extremely helpful for research because it brings a whole new element into the research process, especially through artwork. The room holds archives, rare books, and manuscripts.

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