All About Apples

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All About Apples by Mind Map: All About Apples

1. NM Mathematics Standard 2

1.1. Have students gather guesses from other students.Record how many their peers and themselves guessed for th seed amount. Graph results in MS excel.

2. Tech: MS Excel

3. How Many Seeds are in a Apple?

4. NM History Standard 1

4.1. Read Book Johnny Appleseed. Have students will answer a series of questions through a web scavenger hunt and document their answers in MS word.

5. Tech: Internet Explore/ MS Word

6. Who is Johnny Appleseed?

7. NM Visual Arts Standard 1

7.1. Show different types of apples and students take pictures of red/ yellow/ green objects to make a collage of BIG apple of one selected color with pictures taken

8. Tech: Digital Camera

9. What colors can apples be?

10. NM Science Standard 2

10.1. Have student s make a drawingof a tree in every season and how it may look in all four seasons using Paint Software

11. Tech: Drawing Software

12. How do seasons effect apple tree?

13. NM Lang. Arts Standard 1

13.1. Have student write poem. A-P-P-L-E acronym using words/phrases describing apples

14. Tech: MS Wor/ KidPix

15. What does APPLE Stand for?

16. Art

17. Science

18. Math

19. Language Arts

20. Social Studies