Product Development

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Product Development by Mind Map: Product Development

1. Idea Reviewing

1.1. Test the concept

1.1.1. Interview

1.1.2. Ask Friends

1.1.3. Search the web

1.2. Extract the System functions

1.2.1. Brain Storm

1.2.2. Learn from competitors

1.2.3. Apply the concept into functions

1.3. Write the idea in one paragraph

2. Analyse the system

2.1. Type of Idea/System

2.1.1. If the system for a defind Business/Customer Collect the Requerments Create a main functions list Iterate the last steps until you get a customer satisfaction

2.1.2. If the system for an orginal Idea

2.2. Documentation

2.2.1. Functional/Non-Functional requirements

2.2.2. Data Flow Diagrams

2.2.3. Users Categories Analysis

2.2.4. ERP

2.2.5. Wireframe analysis

2.2.6. Etc, an all the parts in the agreed template

2.3. Review the system analysis with customer/product owner

2.4. Send the analysis to the Back-end Develooper

3. Receive Back-End Development

3.1. Match the developed functions to the required

3.2. Test the inputs\outputs for the functions [the API]

3.3. Update the documentation with the received function to be ready for front-end Development

3.4. Send the documentation to the front-end developers

4. Receive the front-end development

4.1. Check the system view exact as the designed one

4.2. Check all functions from Bask-end Applied

4.3. Test the system through real scenarios

5. Branding

5.1. Logo

5.2. Colors

5.3. Fonts

5.4. Web/Mobile pages design

5.4.1. Check for the branding theme to be applied on the designing

6. Prepare the system Text/Presentations

6.1. "About"

6.2. "Contact US"

6.3. "FAQ"

6.4. "Term of Service"

6.5. System PPT presentation

7. Marketing

7.1. Develop Marketing Plan

7.1.1. Timeline

7.1.2. Budget

7.1.3. Result

7.1.4. Marketing Chanells

7.1.5. Impact

7.2. Implement the Marketing Plan

7.2.1. Track the dialy result

7.2.2. Compare the results to the plan

7.2.3. Make changes to maximize the impact

8. System Release

9. Get Feedback from the real users and maintain the system