Ten Apples Up On Top!

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Ten Apples Up On Top! by Mind Map: Ten Apples Up On Top!

1. One Apple On Top

1.1. Lion has one apple on top.

2. Two Apples On Top

2.1. Lion has two apples on top and the dog enters story with two apples on top.

3. Three Apples On Top

3.1. The lion adds another apple and has one more then the dog.

4. Four Apples On Top

4.1. The dog then has four apples on top and jump ropes away.

5. Five Apples On Top

5.1. The tiger appears out of the bushes. with five apples on top.

6. Six Apples On Top

6.1. Then the tiger adds six.

7. Seven Apples On Top

7.1. Then again the tiger adds another apple to make it seven on top. He then begins to tight rope on a phone wire only to find at the other end the lion and dog have matched his seven.

8. Eight Apples On Top

8.1. The lion and dog add another for eight while they skate around the kitchen.

9. Nine Apples On Top

9.1. The tiger adds two more apples to make nine while he drinks milk. The lion and dog follow his lead.

10. Ten Apples On Top

10.1. They then all add another for ten and the adventure begins.