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GUIDE-M by Mind Map: GUIDE-M

1. 1. Developers of Content

1.1. Comprehensive

1.1.1. Clinical Experts Multidisciplinary & Multijurisdictional Researchers & Users

1.1.2. Target Populations Individual Patients Family Members Groups Representing Patients

1.1.3. Decision-Makers Multidisciplinary & Multijurisdictional Researchers & Users

1.1.4. Methodologists Knowledge Synthesis & PG Experts Health Economic Experts Ethicists Implementation Experts

1.2. Knowledgeable and Credible

1.3. Competing Interests

1.3.1. Financial

1.3.2. Professional/Academic

1.3.3. Advocacy

2. 3. Communicating Content

2.1. Language

2.1.1. Simple Succinct Uncomplicated

2.1.2. Clear Actionable Specific Unambiguous Effective writing

2.1.3. Persuasive Framing Relative advantage

2.2. Format

2.2.1. Components

2.2.2. Presentation Document Layout Visual elements Length Structure Match system to the real world Grouping / Ordering Information Visualization Information Display Information Context

2.2.3. Versions Tailored Modalities Non-electronic Electronic Document Type

3. 2. Creating Content

3.1. Evidence Synthesis

3.1.1. 1. HOW - Execution of Methods to Develop Evidence Base Systematic & Reproducible Valid & Reliable

3.1.2. 2. WHAT - Completeness of Reporting Evidence Base Question Eligibility criteria Literature search strategy Study selection Critical appraisal Data extraction Data synthesis Reporting

3.1.3. 3. WHEN - Currency of Evidence Base

3.2. Deliberations and Contextualization

3.2.1. Clinical Applicability Clinical relevance Patient relevance Implementation relevance

3.2.2. Values Provider Values Clinical judgment Clinical flexibility Acceptability Preferences Patient/Client Values Acceptability Preferences Guideline Developer Values Acceptability Preferences Population/Societal Values Acceptability Preferences Diversity Equity Policy Values Acceptability Preferences

3.2.3. Feasibility Local Applicability Local adaptation Application tools and strategies Resources Availability of resources Economic evaluation Novelty Compatibility Knowledge and skills

4. Transparency