Foo Hacks

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Foo Hacks by Mind Map: Foo Hacks

1. Productivity

1.1. Goal Calendars

1.2. Apps

1.3. Home/Work Balance

1.4. Condusive Work Environment for the Remote Worker

2. Tech

2.1. Apps

2.1.1. iOs

2.1.2. Android

3. Marketing

3.1. Startup

3.1.1. --Developing Your Brand/Do You need to Reimage

3.1.2. Logo

3.2. --What You Need for SM account

3.3. To Pay or Free?

3.3.1. Invested Money

3.4. Capture Leads

3.4.1. Tactics ROI

3.4.2. Track Sourcing for New Clients

4. Web Dev

4.1. Selecting a Web Dev

4.1.1. What to Look for in a firm

4.1.2. How to Prep for Your First Mtg

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6. Recommended Readings