An Inspector Calls

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An Inspector Calls by Mind Map: An Inspector Calls

1. Politics

1.1. General election right after war

1.2. Many people were living less than 25 shillings a week which is bad

1.3. 1903- Suffragette movement - fought for women's rights to vote in public elections

1.4. General Election (1945)

1.5. “members of one society” “we are responsible for each other”

2. J.B. Priestly

2.1. Personalities J.B. Priestley (1944)

2.2. The play "An Inspector Calls" was written by him

2.3. Writing and play talks about a dream landscape

2.4. His play is set in 1912 and was written in 1945 (last year of WW2)

2.5. He wanted to ensure that life will be better after the war than before

2.6. He felt like his writing was something that motivated and ordered the people to move forward

2.7. Published 39 plays and 26 plays

2.8. JB brodcast was produced into daylight


3.1. “we are responsible for each other”

3.2. "We don’t live alone we are members of one society" J.B. Priestly

3.3. “We had a glimpse then of what life might be if men and woman freely dedicated themselves to their appetites and prejudices their vanities and fears, but to some great communal task” J.B. Priestley

4. Gender

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