26. Proxy Enrollment 2

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26. Proxy Enrollment 2 by Mind Map: 26. Proxy Enrollment 2

1. Purpose

1.1. Proxy enroll LOs to dynamically recur

1.2. Recurring enrollments?

1.2.1. Allows users to complete the course multiple times Sets the LOs status back to registered so the user can retake the course.

1.2.2. Useful for yearly courses

1.2.3. Note used for events and session.

2. Create Dynamic Recurring Proxy Enrollment

2.1. Step 1: Create a dynamic enrollment as per normal

2.2. Step 2: Enrollment Options

2.2.1. Recurrence Set for specific date Set for relative date

2.2.2. Recurrence termination? Specific date Number of instances

2.3. Step 3: Availability

2.3.1. Define a group Easy to add users to the group

3. Proxy Enrollment with Initial Enrollment Rule

3.1. Difference between:

3.1.1. Recurring LOs

3.1.2. Force Recurrence via the Enrollment Rule

3.2. Recurring LO

3.2.1. Note: The ability to set an LO as recurring is an option feature in the cornerstone portal - you must request this on the back end.

3.2.2. What does this mean? Courses can usually be launched multiple times, but will not track multiple completions. Once it is complete, that's it, it won't reset. Recurring LOs is a way to allow for multiple completions.

3.2.3. What's allowed? Tests Online Courses Materials Curriculum

3.2.4. Where to set recurrence? This is done via the general page on the course catalogue for the learning object. Options Request more than once Allow training to be assigned more than once Allow new instances to be approved based on original approval

3.3. Initial Enrollment Rule

3.3.1. This is a rule which can be allowed to force re-enrollment, but only in the proxy enrollment.

3.3.2. Enrollment Options Check the Force Initial Enrollment User is reassigned the course regardless of status. The status is typically changed back to registered

3.3.3. Due Date Setting the due date will overwrite the due date of the users original assignment of the LO

3.3.4. Confirmation Page Can choose a checkbox to only enroll those users with a history of 0, or who have already completed the training - this way progress will not be reset for registered users.

4. Ed User Perspective

4.1. Training Details Page

4.1.1. Shows the assignment history

5. Details and Status Viewing Options

5.1. Proxy Enrollment > View Settings > Confirm

5.1.1. Check the force enrollment rule was used

5.2. Reports

5.2.1. Online Training Status Report Check the recurring training box Shows multiple assignment history