Social Media Curriculum

Results of the 5/2/2010 SMCEDU Twitter chat

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Social Media Curriculum by Mind Map: Social Media Curriculum

1. Ideas

1.1. Q & A function Similar to Web MD

1.2. Open Lessons

1.3. Current Research on SM in EDU

2. For Students

2.1. Space

2.1.1. Wiki or Webstie Resources Training What is Social Media? Etiquette Legal Issues of SM Safe Practives Tools Trends Lessons

3. For Educators

3.1. Space

3.1.1. Wiki Lessons Social Media Practices How to Integrate Video Tutorials Tools Channels

3.1.2. Del.ic.ous

3.1.3. Diigo

3.1.4. Area For Educator Connections

4. Challenges

4.1. Organizination

4.2. Curation?

4.3. Categorizing?

4.4. Who will contribute?

4.5. What Content?

4.6. Navigation?