My Beast Friend- Textual Analysis

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My Beast Friend- Textual Analysis by Mind Map: My Beast Friend- Textual Analysis

1. Conventions

1.1. Setting

1.1.1. House Hallway – realistic location, scenes which everyone can relate to.

1.2. Props

1.2.1. Cardboard Boxes– suggests moving away or clearing belongings out. Cat Costume being warn by an adult to add humour.

1.3. Camera Angles

1.3.1. Mixed- close ups to show facial expressions and emphasis feeling, body movement and significant objects in the room, medium shots to show surroundings and give more away about the location.

1.4. Lighting

1.4.1. Natural – shows normal setting.

1.5. Sound

1.5.1. Very basic with only dialogue. Audience can focus on the very crucial speech that puts across the humour.

1.6. Actors

1.6.1. Professional Actors used- all facial expressions and body language is convincing to portray the storyline correctly.

2. Storyline

2.1. A young man plans to get rid of his foul-mouthed pet cat before his girlfriend arrives, but she arrives earlier than planned, he tells her he's lost and she adopts the pet cat. The cat is seen as human by the main character and speaks to him, he knows that the main character was intending to get rid of him.

3. My Comments

3.1. Ensure all dialogue can be heard clearly by audience.

3.2. I should use a range of camera angles to give audience several views for the audience to understand the plot easier.

4. Pros & Cons

4.1. Pros

4.1.1. Simplistic– easy for audience to understand.

4.1.2. Easy to shoot- only one scene used, few actors and short storyline, less editing, less agro but very very effective and achieves purpose of humour.

4.2. Cons

4.2.1. Could be expanded- The storyline could be developed with more to the background information or future, could use a flash back or future reference e.g. in 3 months time etc.

4.2.2. Some sounds cannot be heard in my opinion, I feel that the accent can be harder to understand/hear.