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Don't Let Stereotypes Warp Your Mind Mind Map by Mind Map: Don
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Don't Let Stereotypes Warp Your Mind Mind Map

Become Aware of Your Sterotypes

The first step in eliminating sterotypes is to know what yours are.

Once you become aware of them you can learn how to prevent them.

Don't Assume One Example of the Stereotype is Evidence

There is probably going to be one follower of the stereotype out there somewhere that you will find.

Although this may be true, do not group a whole bunch of people into this particular category.

Be Careful When Making Generalizations About People

This can be true for even one person.

It is not fair to judge someone based on another's actions.

It is also not fair to judge someone based on their actions just once; remember everyone can have a bad day.

Do Not Make Stereotypes to Make the World More Simple

Many times they are made to ease one's own perceptions.

It is hard to get to know everyone you come in contact with, but try to give them all a chance.

You would not want someone to see you a certain way because a person that looks like you acted a certain way.

The Most Important Rule I Learned

I found the essay very useful in teaching me that stereotypes are learned at a young age.

It is our job to teach future generations to not judge and give everyone a chance.