Structures and forces

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Structures and forces by Mind Map: Structures and forces

1. Form & Function

1.1. Form is what a structure looks like

1.2. function is what the structure does

2. Types of Structures

2.1. Shell Structure

2.1.1. A shell structure is hollow but strong on the inside.

2.2. Solid Structure

2.2.1. A solid structure is solid all the way through.

2.3. Frame Structure

2.3.1. A frame structure are parts put together.

2.4. Combination Structure

2.4.1. A combination structure is a combination of all the other types of structures.

3. Loads

3.1. Dynamic Load

3.1.1. The force acting on an object

3.2. Live Load

3.2.1. The living force on an object

3.3. Dead Load

3.3.1. The force of gravity acting on the structure itself

4. Internal & External Forces

4.1. Internal forces

4.1.1. torsion a twisting motion applied to a object

4.1.2. tension an internal force pulling the particles of a object apart

4.1.3. shear when two forces in a object push or pull in opposite directions

4.1.4. Force acting between two parts of a body

4.1.5. compression a internal force that presses particles of a object together

4.2. external

4.2.1. gravity gravity is an external force that acts on a structure

4.2.2. a force acting on an object or structure from the outside

5. Cn tower

5.1. Form tall slim

5.2. Function takes people up and down the tower

5.3. The base is wider to hold heavier loads.

5.4. It migh experience compression and tension

5.4.1. This tower can experience com

5.5. Purpose

5.5.1. Tourist attraction

5.6. The centre of gravity is low. It needs a low centre of gravity so that it doesn't tip over when a dynamic load is acting on it

6. Application and Forces

6.1. Magnitude

6.1.1. the strength of a forrce

6.2. Point of applications

6.2.1. the location where an external force is applied

6.3. Plane of applications

6.3.1. an imaginary flat surface where an implied force passes

6.4. Weight

6.4.1. the force of gravity acting downwards on a object and is measured in newtons

6.5. Mass

6.5.1. the quantity of matter in a object and is measured in grams and kilograms

7. center of gravity

7.1. The point on an object where it is equally balanced