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models.pck by Mind Map: models.pck
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怪物 (Monster)

披风掉落 (Cloak Drop)

裤子掉落 (Trousers Drop)

羽芒男标准脸 (Archer Male Standard)

刺客女 (CiKe - Assassin Female)

巫师男标准脸 (WuShi - Psychic Male Standard)

四线笛鲷 (Four Lane Snapper)

弹弓 (Slingshots)

单手单刀 (With Single Pole)

刀剑 (Swords)

15品单刀 (15 Commodities Single Pole)

15品单剑 (15 Commodities Single Sword)

单手单剑 (With Single Sword)

双手双刀 (Dual Cutter)

双手双剑 (Dual Sword)

匕首 (Daggers)

匕首1 (Daggers 1)

法袍掉落 ()

法宝 (Spheres)

物品 (Materials)

乱石堆 ()

武侠女 (WuXia - Blademaster Female)

兔子 (Rabbit)

形象 (XingXiang - Figure)

装备 (Equipment)


15品爪 (15 Commodities Claw)

暗器 (?)

法师女 (FaShi - Wizard Female)

刺客女标准脸 (CiKe - Assassin Female Standard)

妖兽男 (YaoShu - Barbarian Male)





刺客男标准脸 (CiKe - Assassin Male Standard)

妖兽男标准脸 (YaoShu - Barbarian Male Standard)

妖精标准脸 (YaoJing - Venomancer Female Standard)

巫师女标准脸 (WuShi - Psychic Female Standard)

武侠男标准脸 (WuXia - Blademaster Male)

法师女标准脸 (FaShi - Wizard Female)

羽灵女标准脸 (Priest Female Standard)

优化符掉落 ()

羽灵男标准脸 (Priest Male Standard)

羽芒女标准脸 (Archer Female Standard)



巫师女 (WuShi - Psychic Female)

形象 (Figures)

装备 (Clothes)

通用装备 (General Equipment)


人物 (Characters)

初始武器 (Initial Weapons)

场景动画模型 (Scene Animation Model)

完美主城花园门水晶 (Main City Garden Gate Crystal)

新种族 (New Race)

瀑布 (Falls)


场景活物 (Scene Living Creatures)

大海怪 (Sea Monster)

大鲨鱼 (Large Shark)

奶牛 (Cow)

小丑鱼 (Clown Fish)