Wikifying Radio 3

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Wikifying Radio 3 by Mind Map: Wikifying Radio 3

1. Radio 3

1.1. Flies under the corporate radar at CBC

1.2. "Area 51" for CBC

1.3. 21,800 artists

1.4. Multiplatform

1.4.1. Satellite

1.4.2. Radio

1.4.3. Mobile

1.4.4. Web

1.5. Fed by a user generated community of artists

1.5.1. 100,000 registered users who listen to the tracks

1.6. Small staff

1.7. .NET infrastructure

2. CBC

2.1. A corporate titanic

2.2. There is a desire to have a Canadian voice online

2.2.1. Don't want Canadian content to fall into the backwaters of the internet

3. Canadian Music Wiki

3.1. Amanda Ash's role

3.1.1. Researched tools and technologies for the project Usability

3.1.2. Documented the project through UBC

3.2. Software

3.2.1. ScrewTurn Wiki

3.3. The wiki itself

3.3.1. Looks sorta like Mediawiki

3.4. What they learned

3.4.1. Tap collective intelligence of the audience Produces stuff that otherwise couldn't be produced Radio 3 has a staff of 20. No way they could have made this on their own

3.4.2. CBC can be a facilitator of cotnent instead of a creator

3.5. Editorial balance

3.5.1. Tricky problem

3.5.2. Goal is to minimize defamation and copyright infringement

3.5.3. Radio 3 community already has devoted power users who will hopefully become power moderators

3.6. Culture

3.6.1. Open collaborative technology is in line with Radio 3's values

3.6.2. In line with the ethos of independent artists

3.6.3. Open/Creative hub

3.6.4. Music should be more social

3.6.5. CBC has a mandate to promote Canadian content. This works nicely with the wiki (which is 100% Canadian content)

3.7. Economics

3.7.1. Grant-funded

3.7.2. Collaboration between CBC and Universities UBC Journalism

3.7.3. Teaching Hospital model of public education Students get practical experience while under the supervision of experienced journalists

3.8. How they got it done

3.8.1. They were located at the edges of the organization

3.8.2. Music has a more positive community than something controversial Referenced the LA times bad experiences with Wikitorial