Ethics and the college student

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Ethics and the college student by Mind Map: Ethics and the college student

1. Proactively preventing plagiarism

1.1. By communicating and putting fail safes into place such as it will help deter students from plagarism.

1.2. If the students see their peers cheating and getting away with it they may think it is ok.

2. What is college worth to me

2.1. You should value your education. Education is not cheap and should deter you from wanting to cheat get dropped for something like plagiarism.

2.2. Students also must think of their future. What do you want to be in the future?

3. How can I live with someone I don't like

3.1. Ethics also plays into the role of getting along with people. If you treat your roommate ill it can effect them negatively with school as well as home life.

4. How far will I go to be accepted

4.1. Students also must think if getting accepted by their peers is worth failing or causing harm to themselves.

4.2. Would you give into peer pressure?

5. Communicate expectations for ethical behavior

5.1. Communicating ethical expectations allow for students to know what is right and wrong.

5.2. This is also dictated by the students peers. If the student witnesses other students cheating it may lead to acadmeic dishonesty.

6. Standards and ethical behavior

6.1. By teachers creating standards. It allows the teacher to challenge the students knowledge, skills and abilities.

6.2. If the course work is not challenge the students. The students may feel that there time is being wasted and may lead to academic dishonesty. Ig.(plagiarism.)

6.3. This may also lead to students not giving there 100% in the class and only doing the bare minimum to get a passing grade.

7. Should I tell on someone who is doing something I think is wrong

7.1. Speaking up about a wrong doing is an ethical trait.

7.2. If someone is causing harm to someone or going out of their way to cheat,lie,steal all play a role in ethical and academic success.