A Bad Case of Stripes

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A Bad Case of Stripes by Mind Map: A Bad Case of Stripes

1. 1. Camilla always wanted to fit in and was worried about eating and dressing like her friends

2. 2. Camilla wakes up on the first day of school completely covered in stripes.

2.1. New node

3. 8. She even turned into her room!

4. 3. Doctors tried to figure out what was wrong and gave her ointment to make it go away.

5. 4. School was a disaster and her stripes began to change color and shape.

6. 5. More doctors came to prod her because she would become the color that anyone would say to her.

7. 6. The doctors gave her pills but that only made her change shape.

8. 7. She began to change shape and colors. The doctors didn't know what to think. She made the local news.

9. 9. One day a neighbor came over to help. She fed Camilla lima beans which she loved that she had pretended to hate just to fit in. Suddenly she turned back into herself. She would never change herself to fit in again.