CN Tower

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CN Tower by Mind Map: CN Tower

1. The purpose of the CN tower is

1.1. originally was to be a radio tower and to show the Canadian industry off.

1.1.1. Now it also is a major tourist attraction as it is one of the tallest buildings in the world.

2. There many external forces that affect the CN tower daily.

2.1. Wind is one of the forces that affect the CN tower daily.

2.1.1. Another one would be gravity which constantly affects everything in the world

3. The internal forces affecting the CN tower could be compression because people everyday stand on the floor which compresses the floor

3.1. Another internal force is tension when the elevator pulls up one way.

3.1.1. Wind might cause tension as it pushes in one way on the tower. Gravity compresses the tower down.

4. The structure is able to support many humans which are live loads.

4.1. The structure also supports itself and doesn't collapse to gravity

5. The structure is a combination of solid shell and frame.

5.1. The structure is reinforced by solid concrete and has a shell at the top that contains people. It also is reinforced even more by a steel frame.

5.1.1. This is a shell too

6. The center of gravity is near the bottom which allows it to be so tall. The foundation is massive to withstand forces.

7. The function now is to be for tourists and has a rotating restaurant so you can look around.

7.1. ALso it makes money