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Dreamfish Labs by Mind Map: Dreamfish
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Dreamfish Labs

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Elgg Social Networking By: Mayank Sharma

Digital Habitats

The Art of Community, 1st Edition By: Jono Bacon

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Agile Project Management

Agile for Distributed Teams


Etherpad with Check-in and Check-out to accompany conversations, allowing both auditory and text connections.

"What is the most important thing you want from this conversation?" – from Fierce Conversations, Susan Scott

Use of Self

Large Group Collaboration

World Cafe

Open Space Technology

Change Jam (A mystery... what is it? How does it work? Gotta find out...)

Email Discussion Processes

phase 1 - First email - briefly appreciate posts and strongly encourage more perspectives in order to get more diversity and inclusion phase 2 - second email, name themes and differences, ask for discussion, new insights phase 3 - look for the main direction of group (any consensus)

Facilitation tips for task-oriented groups - scroll down page Seven competencies of online interaction


4:55:09 ‹Tiff› it is also larger conversation about Agile production planning 07/06/2010 14:57:19 ‹Tiff› we have had iteration planning meeting previously (a "pre-process" to Dev) but iteration planning only makes sense when you have consistent design and dev resources 07/06/2010 14:59:23 ‹Tiff› so, because we do not have yet predictable resources, XP Extreme Programming as Agile approach doesn't work well for us. 07/06/2010 14:59:51 ‹Tiff› However, setting up Kanban would work well 07/06/2010 15:02:23 ‹Tiff› I like Kanban. It resonates with the Df Way. To make Kanban work well for us requires facilitation, celebrating successes, visual board 07/06/2010 15:03:34 ‹Tiff› kanban could work for design and other production processes as well. 07/06/2010 15:05:16 ‹Tiff› kanban board 07/06/2010 15:05:32 ‹Tiff› off to breakfast now...  AFK (away from keyboard) 07/06/2010 15:20:13 ‹danbashaw› Thanks Tiff -- The Kanban approach sounds interesting. I'll check the links. I've felt for a while now that Agile on a two-week cycle is not workable for us, but that once the other teams (Design and Content/Documentation/Help) are in place, a four week cycle could work. 07/06/2010 15:28:20 ‹Tiff› there are many flavors of Agile - XP is time-boxed iterations for small team. Kanban is the newest flavor - most minima structure, good for unpredictable resources 07/06/2010 15:29:40 ‹Tiff› Here are Df resources on Kanban -- 07/06/2010 15:30:54 ‹Tiff› Joe and I had set up Kanban board before on the wiki, but the wiki was too cumbersome for the board. 07/06/2010 15:31:19 ‹Tiff› and it requires a person facilitating the board 07/06/2010 15:31:59 ‹danbashaw› As an olde fishe, I remember Kanban from well before any form of rapid application development was more than a baby fish! I seen to recall it goes back to the 1980s in quality management... 07/06/2010 15:33:01 ‹danbashaw› However maybe I'm mixing it up with another similar Japanese phrase... I'll get backgrounded on that.

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