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Nimble by Mind Map: Nimble

1. Rather than navigating through various accounts, Nimble offers a 'one stop shop' for customers.

1.1. Great idea and concept! ARoberts

1.2. I like this idea, I don't check all of my social media sites often enough. It can be overwhelming, and I am busy. mmcwherter

2. Grow your Business

2.1. Staying in constant communication allows users to build the necessary level of trust with potential customers.

2.1.1. Ideally, Nimble allows you to only monitor one social media account, while still keeping track of all social networking. So you can only communicate with one network and look at the others? AYoungfleish

2.1.2. OK, I just have to say it.......sometimes it is important to be able to disconnect from constant communication! mmcwherter

2.2. Allows you to turn your contacts into customers, when necessary, because you will have the ability to stay in constant communication. Making all accounts accessible through Nimble simplifies the monitoring process of communication.

2.2.1. Phone contacts

2.2.2. E-mail contacts

2.2.3. Social Media contacts

2.2.4. Question: Can you access your email and social networking sites through this program or just monitor? ARoberts

2.3. From a teacher's perspective, using Nimble will allow me to be more accessible to my student's parents.

2.3.1. While this is true...What makes this program better than others for this tool? There are many tools that can provide collaboration and ways to contact easily. ARoberts

2.3.2. This is a great tool if you are already using this program. ARoberts

2.3.3. I agree if you already know this would be a great product. Also, for connecting with students you would need to get their information. It may be difficult since students are so technology friendly now. It may be easier to monitor and use with one account instead of multiple for the class. This way everyone will look and be on the same account. For parents it would be the same way. E-mail would be the best way. AYoungfleish

3. Manage Social Networking

3.1. View all social accounts as one - E-mails, LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook, Twitter etc.

3.1.1. I am not sure what this means? So you can view all your sites through this program? How does this work? I am interested now! ARoberts

3.2. Users have the capability to respond to any correspondence with any contact from various accounts through Nimble.

3.2.1. Basically through this site, they can be logged in and reach anyone, respond, post, etc to any of the different social networks. This would then save on signing into every account separately. AYoungfleish

4. Engage with People

4.1. The Nimble Contact Record

4.1.1. Nimble tracks the complete history you and your contact share - on every social media channel. Great for reviewing and collaboration and kind of scary too! LOL! ARoberts I agree it could be scary, then again great when you need to go back and reference something or have proof of something. AYoungfleish

4.1.2. Nimble allows you to take actions, send messages for Gmail, Outlook, or Hootsuite widgets.

4.1.3. Keeps you organized and on track with communication, events and meetings with 'Stay in Touch Reminders.' The reminders may be useful as well as annoying. Depending on what you use it for I suppose. AYoungfleish

4.1.4. Less data entry for users, as contact information and e-mail information will automatically be stored and saved.

5. Build Strong Relationships

5.1. Manage all contacts from various social media accounts in one place through Nimble.

5.1.1. This I like! mmcwherter

5.2. Keep track of when you last communicated with each contact, how you have interacted, and when your next meeting with them is.

5.2.1. I personally find this to be one of the most interesting aspects of Nimble. I have a school e-mail account, two personal e-mail accounts (one for junk and one truly personal) and a work e-mail It is sometimes time consuming to monitor all four accounts and filter through the unnecessary e-mails. Agree, I have the same problem. AYoungfleish I agree as well. mmcwherter

5.2.2. Great idea and way to review thoughts, ideas, and feedback, as well as when collaboration took place. ARoberts