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Mobile Apps by Mind Map: Mobile Apps

1. Resources

1.1. Common Core Standards- is a free reference for adminstrators, teachers, parents, and students. Find standards by subject, grade, and subject category, includes math and language arts K-12 with CCR's.

1.2. iTranslate- allows you to talk to your phone in one language and instantly translate it into 42 other languages. This will help ELL students understand the main ideas of your lecture, but more importantly it allows you to communicate and build a relationship with your non-English language speaking students.

1.3. National Geographic World Atlas- this resource is a History teachers dream. This app allows students to customize their map, gives currency conversion rates, and gives latitude and longitude with a tap of the finger.

1.4. Wikipanion Plus- this enhanced wikipedia app allows students to find information and save future resources for further study. Students can download their findings while continuing to search other articles.

2. Learning

2.1. iTunes U- allows students to access the world's largest digital catalog of free education content. Teachers and students can communicate about assignments and access assignments all on iTunes U. This resource includes nearly a million lectures in thousands of subject areas.

2.2. ProScan- create PDF documents by simply taking a picture. This app allows students and teachers to save this documents on Google Drive, Dropbox, and Evernote.

2.3. Google Classroom- helps teachers and students stay connected. This time saving app allows students to turn in homework assignments, get class lectures plus many other functions. Teachers can quickly see if students turned in their work and communicate in real time.

2.4. Scholastic Classroom Ideas To Go!- Great ideas for lesson plans, ice breaker activities, and assessment examples. You can filter by grade level or subject to better your pedagogy,

3. Presentation

3.1. Keynote- create a presentation with text, images, charts, and tables. It allows you to import and edit Microsoft Powerpoint files so you can access your information anywhere.

3.2. Dropbox- allows you to access any document anywhere. Teachers can share certain files with students and quickly assess their responses.

3.3. Google Slides- create presentations and collaborate with other students, great for group presentations.

3.4. Prezi- this app only allows your to view your created Prezi documents. However this app is great if your classroom has an AppleTV, you can use your phone to show Prezi documents, while walking around the students to see that they are learning.

4. Communication

4.1. Voxer- is a free app that allows voice, text and photos to be sent to selected people. This is great for administration or subject departments to collaborate and discuss anytime anywhere.

4.2. Remind: Safe Classroom Communication- great for discussion questions with students. The app has safeguards to prevent any problems between teacher and students, by blocking teacher and student cell phones.

4.3. Skype- allows educators from across the country or even the world to have voice and video calls to collaborate. Students can access other students in different countries to ask questions about their education, culture, background, etc.

4.4. Hudl- helps teams communicate and have access to video from across the country. As a coach, this app has revolutionized the way coaches watch and breakdown film. It gives coaches access to illustrate and correct errors, plus with its text figures it gives the team instant update of cancellations and schedule changes. Before Hudl, football coaches would spend hours every week driving to exchange game film from their opponents, now with the click of a button teams can exchange film instantly.