Khub features list

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Khub features list by Mind Map: Khub features list

1. Promoting content

1.1. templates for 'notable practice stories'

1.2. Cross fertilisation

1.2.1. cross-cutting CoPs to promote content to niche communities

1.3. Auto-generate tiny-urls (that work)

1.4. More intelligent links betwen web & CoP content - e.g. using shared tags

1.5. Amazon style "if you like this, you might like this"

1.6. Link to e-learning modules, etc - punch out to other platforms

1.7. facilitator 'newsflash'

1.8. auto-designed newsletters

1.9. user opt-in to more frequent updates

1.10. ways of sending out info graphically and interactively

1.11. categorising content

1.11.1. geotagging

1.11.2. by 'councils like me'

2. Statistics

2.1. Better ways of getting survey/ feedback evaluation

2.2. Report of volume of activities e.g. like/dislike

2.3. Qualitative reports - e.g. around results of engagement

2.4. Better visitor stats, e.g. as a %age of members

2.5. Visits to sections

2.6. Social network analysis

2.7. macurican mecurial(??) measurements ??

3. Messaging/ chat

3.1. Integration with other services

3.1.1. Google chat

3.1.2. Twitter

3.2. Ability to filter members and choose who to message (e.g. by council, by region)

3.3. Automated messages to members

3.3.1. "Would you recommend this?" for every download.

3.4. Email alerts re messages

3.4.1. More obvious that it's a message

3.4.2. Content included in email

3.4.3. Reply by email

3.5. Message dashboard

3.5.1. Click 'unread' or flag mssgs for later action

4. Membership and profiles (facilitators)

4.1. Linked in to LinkedIn (e.g. integrated with LinkedIn)

4.2. All members can see %age profile completion

4.3. Better searchability of membership

4.4. Create membership lists by council, etc

4.5. Compulsory registration (job title, photo, etc) before full rights to platform?

4.5.1. Auto-reminders for non-completion

4.6. Expulsion of members with dead email addresses

4.7. If not visited in X months, reminder sent, threaten expulsion?

4.8. registration by council

4.9. identifying consultants seeking to use CoP for commercial gain

5. Privacy and moderation

5.1. option for pre-moderation

5.2. need to ensure full registration of members

5.3. option of anonymity

5.3.1. via facilitators

5.3.2. in designated 'safe spaces'/ sand pits

5.4. Principle of openness, but allow privacy/ private groups

6. Other issues

6.1. What do we do about councils that block access to social media sites?

6.2. dealing with fear of contributions

6.2.1. automated messages to support new users

6.3. need to make collaboration and contribution easy for people

6.4. user guides

6.4.1. hover over explanation of features

6.5. better promotion to non-members

6.6. virtual world simulation space to try things out

6.7. don't try to be 'the' portal - permeable

6.8. need much better tabbing, browing and navigation

6.9. open source for partners to use

6.10. not all CoPs should be visible on search

6.11. stuff drops off visibility before being dated - need to be able to see more content

6.12. needs to be easier to add profile pic or avatar

7. Information management

7.1. Search

7.1.1. Options to search results ranked by date, relevance, etc

7.1.2. More useful navigation by tags

7.1.3. Just much better search

7.2. Feeds

7.2.1. Facilitator to set parameters

7.2.2. Make meaningful, targeted and intuitive

7.2.3. Share public Google feeds

7.3. Navigation/ cataloguing

7.3.1. Apply more than one 'theme' to forum posts (as well as library items)

7.3.2. More useful navigation by tags

7.3.3. default chronological (i.e.) for forum posts

8. Supporting active membership

8.1. CoP colleagues lists

8.2. More carrots for people to use CoP

8.3. game style badges/ points to reward specific activities

8.4. virtual peer assist

8.5. easier for members to provide feedback

9. Shared spaces

9.1. Better links with IDeA website - e.g. specific section that auto-updates

9.2. direct links across to other resources (e.g. Gov Depts, etc)

9.3. More easily pull content from other places, e.g. Twitter

9.4. Wikis and shared spaces more like Google Docs

9.5. Move more easily between community areas

9.6. Easier pan-cop postings

9.7. Like the way shared spaces go to the top of 'my home'

10. Online Events (e.g. hot seats, online conferences)

10.1. Seamless links between 'event' listing, 'agenda wiki' and event docs and forums

10.2. Able to sort (or view) by type of event: F2F, hotseat, etc

10.3. Separate section for hot seats instead of using forum

10.4. auto-refresh in forums

10.5. option for pre-moderation

10.6. specifically designed spaces for holding online conferences

10.7. threaded discussions

10.8. webinars

11. Events (listings)

11.1. Need to be able to list events in relevant CoPs without going to each one

11.2. Ability to send propose publishing an event to a CoP you're not a member of for facilitator to approve

11.3. Better location maps

11.4. mainstreaming live feeds from physical events

11.5. Connect documents to events listings

11.6. Connect feedback to events listings

11.7. making better connections between physical events and CoP Spaces

12. Libraries

12.1. Super-library for all CoPs, use tags etc

12.2. Recommended docs - best ones come to the front

12.3. Automatic index of docs

12.4. sticky marker for interesting docs

12.5. 'look later' functions - social bookmarking of docs (could act as another rating function)

12.6. reminder after download, was this useful?

12.7. filters

12.8. better preview of documents before download

12.9. need to categorise content but allow uses to decide how they view

13. Blogs

13.1. streaming video and audio

13.2. pics

13.3. import and export XML (i.e. - bring your blog in from elsewhere or export it elsehwere)

13.4. more reassurance and support for first time users

13.4.1. automated help

13.4.2. buddy system

13.5. turn off or moderate comments

13.6. as a facilitator - able to change/ move blogs

13.7. facilitator ability to 'big up' interesting blogs/ blog posts

14. News feeds/ activity streams

14.1. Breaking news feeds

14.2. needs to be focussed, danger of info overload

14.2.1. needs to be punchy, not too much detail

14.3. include reminders to participate

14.4. needs to be more obvious

14.4.1. 'my home' should include activity streams

14.5. use activity feed in a such a way that can turn off email alerts in some areas

14.5.1. Facebook style

14.5.2. can we import our shared Google items?

15. Forums

15.1. more disucussions on front page dispay

15.2. chronological order by default

15.3. threads, views, copy-paste sections of previous response - like everyone else does forums!

15.4. auto-refresh (particularly for online events)

16. Wiki

16.1. superwiki for whole platform

16.1.1. 'hide' certain areas if need be

16.1.2. index certain areas for relevant communities

16.2. export wiki outcomes into a document

16.3. should work like Google Docs for collaboration spaces

16.4. should work like a regular wiki with search and navigation

17. Welcome/main page

17.1. attractive welcome and personalised home page

17.2. more jazzy/folky platform

17.3. Google widget model - with different views in

17.4. activity stream driven - like facebook

17.5. Questions and prompts on front page to encourage participation

17.6. customisable on colour/ background