Skype-Educational Use- Valerie Maslyn

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Skype-Educational Use- Valerie Maslyn by Mind Map: Skype-Educational Use- Valerie Maslyn

1. I love this idea, but for some reason, I don't think the students would! :) Mmcwherter

2. Video chat website-VM

2.1. This would be a cool way to collaborate with another class (same grade level) somewhere else in the country....kind of like 21st century pen pals! (CGulli)

2.1.1. Oh! I actually had not thought about that! That definitely would be interesting! VM

3. Works on many devices-VM

3.1. Ipads

3.2. Smart Phones

3.3. Computers

3.4. T.V.

3.5. I did not realize how many devices this could be used on. I thought Skype was just for computers. I have never used it before. Thank you for sharing all of this important information. I will now understand Skype more if I ever have to use it. ABoone

3.5.1. I too didn't realize skype could be used on a variety of platforms. I thought that facetime would override skype on the iphone. ....and the TV. Interesting. mmcwherter

4. Basic features are free!

4.1. Account

4.2. Calls to Skype users

4.3. Skype chat-instant messaging

5. Skype could be great for group projects!

5.1. videochat and group chat capabilities

5.2. file sharing

5.2.1. I didn't realize it had file sharing, that's good to know.

5.3. Teachers could use the filesharing and instant messaging to communicate with the students.

5.4. Videochat would enable students to share information with each other or even practice presentations without leaving their house.

5.5. Has group screen sharing so that the whole class could see the same screen!

6. Distant Learning

6.1. If a teacher knew they were going to be out, they could deliver their lesson via Skype.

6.2. Discussions via video chat on Skype- one chat group can hold up to 25 people. This means the entire class could be virtual.

6.3. Could make up for lost time on snow days by allowing the class to still meet on Skype.

6.3.1. I think it could also be useful for working on projects.mmcwherter

6.4. There are some students in my school who are "home bound". would something like this work for them? mmcwherter

7. Downsides

7.1. The teacher and students may not be able to control what is going on in their background which leaves the possibility for unforeseen interference.

7.2. Possibility for Cyberbullying


9. Has call forwarding available if you are not at your computer. A teacher could answer a student's question without them having their personal number

9.1. This is a really good point and a valid reason for wanting to use Skype in a school setting. I did not think of something like this before. -E. Donnelly

10. Safety and CYA

10.1. There are also products that allow you to record skype conversations, video and audio, so that in the unfortunate event that you are misquoted or accused of wrong doing you can have a detailed report of what was said. (J Davis)