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Our Stories by Mind Map: Our Stories

1. The Long Watch

1.1. Tech.

1.1.1. nuclear bombs

1.1.2. tele-communicators

1.1.3. space ships

1.1.4. moon base

1.2. Plot

1.2.1. towers wants to take over the Earth with the nuclear bombs on moon-base and so the lieutenant dissembled the bombs with a hammer.

1.3. The Interesting Thing

1.3.1. the want to control

1.4. Details,Author,Date,etc.

1.4.1. Robert Heinlein

1.4.2. December, 1949

2. There Will Come Soft Rains

2.1. Tech

2.1.1. Robot house

2.1.2. cleaning mice

2.1.3. Automated House Life is too easy

2.2. Plot

2.2.1. Always the same routine with no meaning to life, suddenly a branch falls and brings destruction the house.

2.3. The Interesting Thing

2.3.1. Destruction of Life Human extinction through atomic war

2.3.2. Life Without Purpose The house continues to make food for an unoccupied house. Mice slave away cleaning after nobody

2.4. Ray Bradbury 1950

3. The Purchase of Earth

3.1. Tech.

3.1.1. Viruses

3.1.2. spaceships aliens

3.2. Plot

3.2.1. Aliens come because a radical Indian decedent sells out Earth. The planet begins to be used as a drug farm...

3.3. The interesting thing

3.3.1. The aliens are to represent us, in our treatment of the Indians, and make us see how horrible we were

3.3.2. Aliens Imply the fact that human being the owner of Earth is foolish and shameful. Vulnerability of human race Because in this story, Alien has better technology, language, emotion and moral which seems that human is inferior than Alien.

3.3.3. Purchase of Earth Inferr the desire of another Earth, due to our mistake or the over population.

3.4. Author, date, etc.

3.4.1. Jack Williams

4. The Merchant and the Alchemist's Gate

4.1. Tech

4.1.1. Time Machine People see how their lives are but can't change them even though they try to

4.2. The Interesting Idea

4.2.1. Fate

4.2.2. Continuum of Time

4.3. Details, Author, Date, etc.

4.3.1. Auhor: Ted Chi Ang

4.3.2. Date: 2008

4.4. Plot

4.4.1. A guy goes to the past to try to save his wife.

4.4.2. 3 stories about how you can't change the past and the the future

5. The Matrix: Matriculated

5.1. Tech :

5.1.1. Robots

5.1.2. The Matrix The Plug

5.2. Plot

5.2.1. They catch a robot and they try to change it to the good side

5.2.2. Then the people tried to show human emotions

5.2.3. the robot changed from evil to good

5.2.4. then other evil robots attacked

5.2.5. all the people died

5.2.6. the robot figures that everything was done when the people close to him died

5.3. The Interesting Thing

5.3.1. human desire for power can often kill

5.3.2. love overall

5.4. Details

6. Harrison Bergeron

7. World Builder

7.1. Tech.

7.1.1. Terra-forming device

7.2. plot

7.2.1. A man used his computer watch device to build a town for this girl that was sick. In the end he came into her room and put a flower into a jar that he spent extra time making for the girl in the world.

7.3. The Interesting Thing

7.3.1. The man hid behind a doorway when the woman came into the world he created.

7.3.2. He spent time making the flower, making it look just right for the girl.

7.3.3. The man looked at the place that he didn't color and kept looking, thinking that the woman was going to look there.

7.3.4. The man looking at all these pictures, to review his memory. And the woman was in the pictures.

7.3.5. Who is the woman? She appears in his pictures and the town he created. In the end he goes to her and shes in the hospital.

7.4. Author

7.4.1. Bruce Branit