The Science of Learning

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The Science of Learning by Mind Map: The Science of Learning

1. See the March 9, 2015 article on the Gartner Hype Cycle

2. MOOCs make procedural trainings tolerble and easy to reference later from your home.

3. Making Sense of Data

4. See Robert Lue's LaunchPad project that merges biology and illustration at the micro-level.

5. Quick tips on using this mind map

5.1. download mindmeister app on mobile

5.2. to reposition a text bubble

5.3. sharing personal contacts

6. More about Mariette

7. More about Susan

8. More about Tim

9. More about Robert

10. Genesis of the project

10.1. Special thanks

10.2. This living resource builds upon work from

11. How to add your voice

11.1. opinion or comment on another person's contribution

11.2. hyperlinks

11.3. videos

12. Audri's Rube Goldberg's experiment