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Sima & Corey Wish List 2011 by Mind Map: Sima & Corey Wish List 2011
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Sima & Corey Wish List 2011

Giving back

objects out of proportion

grungy or fairy tale stuff

dress and shape freely

create meditation places

Wealth & Abundance

positioning slides in 3D space

credit scores +740 each

Continuing Education

Landmark Education



Our Relationship - Sima

be more patient

change stuff on the web using the icons

use visual clues such as images

refresh your mindmap here in-world

allow yourself to feel, do not only think!

add real time data streams





Personal growth

Fun & Play



Meet Sima's family

Meet Corey's family

Collect back due child support and restore integrity

Fun & Play

start out on 2D map

build 3D mind constellation

adapt 2D map

or reverse order

G-D & Spirituality

Personal growth

take pictures and use them eventually

work, walk around, meditate, work

Sima's Businesses


Coaching & Training

Clothing line

Food & Nutrition

Health & Wellness

exploring how to use the brainstorm installation for making presentations

Travel & Trips

Israel - June 2011

Mexico trip 2011

New node

New node

Intimacy & Sex

New Breasts Dr Boris

New node

New node

New node

Family & Friends

Our Relationship - Corey


New node

New node

New node

Experiences to have

Watch a sunset together

Dance on the top of building under the moon - scream!