Inequality between men and women in payment

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Inequality between men and women in payment by Mind Map: Inequality between men and women in payment

1. United Nations

1.1. History

1.1.1. 1919 International Labour Organization (ILO) Promoting decent work for all men and women

1.1.2. 1979 Convention on Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination on Women (CEDAW) Human rights are womens rights

1.1.3. 1995 World conference on women in Beijing Gender mainstreaming a principal strategy for promoting gender equality

2. European Union

2.1. History

2.1.1. 1950 Treaty of Rome Ensure equal pay for equal work

2.1.2. 1999 Treaty of Amsterdam Equal opportunities for men and women fundamental aim

2.1.3. 2007 Treaty of Lisbon Take action to combat inequality

2.2. European Parliament

2.2.1. Women's right and gender equality committee Advancing gender equality issues within the EP

3. Enforcement of the law on inequality of payment between men and women

3.1. Member states EU

3.1.1. Driving force to make sure there is equal pay for equal work Encourage employees to address work place discrimination Set up organizations that inspect and monitor the law Projects/advertisement Promote wage transparency

3.2. Not legal enforceable right now

3.2.1. Problems Women work less hours Have children A legal rule alone will not change the business culture Companies need to change themselves Women will not go to court easily because they are paid less Jobs that are predominantly filled by women are paid less Nurse, kindergarden teacher, secretary

3.3. Companies

3.3.1. Quotas, having to reach numbers of female employees

3.3.2. Should be inspected by labour organizations

3.3.3. Gender-neutral job evaluations

4. What would happen if

4.1. Women and men are paid equally

4.1.1. Family incomes would rise

4.1.2. Less poverty amongst families raised by single mothers

4.1.3. The economy would benefit with more tax income

5. Case law European Union

5.1. United Kingdom

5.1.1. Case C-167/12. C.D. v S.T. 2014

5.1.2. Case C-256/01 Debra Allonby v Accrington & Rossendale College 2004

5.2. Italy

5.2.1. Case C-595/12 Napoli v Ministero della Giustizia 2014

5.3. Belgium

5.3.1. Case C-588/12 Lyreco Belgium NV v Sophie Rogiers 2014

5.4. Austria

5.4.1. Case C-313/02 Nicole Wippel v Peek & Cloppenburg GmbH & Co. KG 2004

5.5. Germany

5.5.1. Case C-300/06 Ursula Voß v Land Berlin 2007