Template Academic Project Map

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Template Academic Project Map by Mind Map: Template Academic Project Map

1. Objective

1.1. What do I want this research to say?

1.2. What gap exists in knowledge?

1.3. What do I want to be able to say I can do through this research?

2. Data

2.1. Instruments

2.2. Collection

2.2.1. Ethics

2.3. Logistics

2.4. Secondary

3. Analysis

4. Literature

4.1. Methodology

4.2. Conceptual Framework

4.3. Context

5. Project Management

5.1. Milestones

5.1.1. Internal

5.1.2. External

5.2. Resources

5.2.1. People

5.2.2. Things

5.3. Deliverables

5.3.1. Outline

5.3.2. Project Schedule

5.3.3. Final Report

6. About this Map

6.1. This map is to help guide thinking on academic/scholarly papers and other research projects. I welcome suggestions! Please let me know what works and what doesn't, or if you've found improvements on it!

6.2. Author: Karen Fung

6.2.1. Twitter: counti8

6.2.2. Website: counti8.ca