OCE2010: What do we struggle with?

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OCE2010: What do we struggle with? by Mind Map: OCE2010: What do we struggle with?

1. Vision / Benefits / Goals

1.1. Agreement on importance of shared vision

1.2. Uneven recognition of the benefits of community

1.3. Starting an online community among people I've never met on a topic I have no familiarity with

1.4. Lack of tangible goals

2. Technology

2.1. Usually some barrier re technology infrastructure

2.2. Finding a way to get people to collaborate online as f2f meetings are expensive with national organizations

2.3. Uptake

2.4. Getting people to use online tools for co-creation

2.5. Getting agreement on online tools

2.6. History of poor usability

2.7. Make technology work so well it becomes transparent and the focus is on the content

3. Boundaries

3.1. Community membership

3.2. Territorial issues around content and learning

3.3. Making sure everyone is invited to participate in sharing / disseminating

3.4. Create more communities or integrate new requests into existing communities

3.5. Dealing with community proliferation

3.6. Navigating the intricacies of building a community among people from different organizations

3.7. Making work of a steering committee visible and engaging to larger community