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Eric's Seminar by Mind Map: Eric's Seminar
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Eric's Seminar

IS Discipline Identity

Benbasat & Zmud 2003 Focus on IT Artifact

Weber 2003 Editor's Comments

Electronic Markets

Market Efficiency & Welfare

Transaction Costs


Reputation Mechanisms

Other Stuff

Theory in IS

Gregor 2006 Nature of Theory in IS

DeSanctis & Poole 1994 AST

Goodhue & Thompson 1995 TTF + Individual Performance = Technology-to-Performance Chain (TPC)

Davis, Bagozzi & Warshaw 1989 User Acceptance of Computer Technology

Venkatesh, Morris, Davis & Davis 2003 UTAUT - Unified Theory of Acceptance & Use of Technology

Overby 2008 Process Virtualization Theory (PVT)

Education & Research

Dhar & Sundararajan 2007 Tech Centric, Bus Centric IT Invariants

Distance Learning (1998-2004)

Interpersonal Communication & Task Completion

Daft, Lengel & Trevino 1987 Media Richness Theory

Carlson & Zmud 1999 Channel Expansion Theory

Heninger, Dennis & Hilmer 2006 Individual Cognition & Dual-Task Interference

Online Communities & Trust

Jarvenpaa & Leidner 1999 Trust in Global Virtual Teams

Ma & Agarwal 2007 Identity Verification & Contribution

Wasko & Faraj 2005 Social Capital (, individual motivations) and Knowledge Contribution

Mesch & Talmud 2006 Role of Multiplexity & Duration

Global Disaggregation of Business Processes

Apte & Mason 1995 Disaggregation of Information-Intensive Services What activities should be disaggregated?

Mithas & Whitaker 2007 Is the world flat or spiky? What drives occupation disaggregation?

Business Value of IT (1996-2001)

Brynjolfsson & Hitt 1996 Paradox Lost

Bharadway, Bharadwaj & Kosynski 1999 IT's effects by Tobin's Q

Bharadway 2000 RBV: IT Capabilities & Performance

Duliba, Kauffman & Lucas 2001 Appropriating Value from IT