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Research for Natur & Kultur by Mind Map: Research for Natur & Kultur
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Research for Natur & Kultur

Market Research

Existing concepts/project

Interesting business plans


Possible future collaboration partners.

Posible competitors (what are we up against, who are our actual competititers?)

A step back, what is teaching all about and what do parents actually want for their kids?

How much money do people have for this?

Marketing plan

Who are our target group and what are they attracted to?

Why does the world need this product/ What product does the world need within this area?

What unexploided area do we see within the scope of the project?

what´s special with this concept

Business Research

Values, mission and vision at N&K

Who desides what to buy?

Excisting business plans

In house compentencies

How do they budget and make money?

What is the May evaluation all about, and how do they do it?

Existing sales channels and collaboration partners

What does the company need right now?

Where do they want to go, and what steps have they made?

How do they set their prices?

Action Plan

What steps do they usually take to carry out a project like this?

how much resources do they have?

what do they need to make it happen?

how much of N


What would be the worst project we could do?

What are the specific requirements?

What value do N&K hope to create

What spill-over effects might be of intrest.

How big is this project

what excisting concepts could you compare it to?

What inspiring concept are there out there, how do we steel their feel, touch, color...?

Who are the experts within pedagogy and learning, how do we get in touch with them?

How are teachers educated, should there perhaps be more focus on how teaching aids are applied?

Meetings Monday




People we'd love to meet with.

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