Question 3 - What have you learned from your audience feedback?

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Question 3 - What have you learned from your audience feedback? by Mind Map: Question 3 - What have you learned from your audience feedback?

1. One of the things that I would like to change about our final short film is the storyline. The main reason for this is because after reviewing the comments made by our classmates, teachers and people outside of the learning environment, I can draw upon the conclusion that the storyline could be tailored in a specific way in order for the short film to fit into the thriller genre

2. We published our print products on Blogger, and our final version of the short film on YouTube. Although our comments were limited as the majority of the comments came on the print products, as a whole we have followed feedback from our class mates in focus groups, as well as feedback from our teachers on possible aspects that could be changed in order for the film to be more effective as a whole

3. One of the comments that were made in order for my print products were as follows: "the images used are very good but could be more gloomy to play into the theme thriller". This is true because the genre of the short film is thriller, and in order to maintain a consistent theme throughout all products of this coursework, I agree with the comment in the sense that the pictures need to be presented in a more gloomy way in order for itself to be effective as a package

4. From the feedback that we got from our rough cut, we were told a various amount of issues that could be dealt with easily and efficiently. One of the first issues was that the narrative was confusing, because it didn't make much sense to the audience, so were told to alter how the storyline would end. Another issue that we had to deal with was the sound, because at points throughout the rough cut version of our short film, it would be very distorted, so in order to deal with this, we had to level out the sound so that the distortion will disappear and make the film more effective. One of the suggestions that our classmates said was to show the change of one our characters becoming the madman, as well as flashing back to the moment when the madman and one of the characters make a 'deal'. Another way that our film could have added more suspense is if the character's faces each had the mask put on their face in order to add to the suspense of the film.

5. Some of the feedback that we got from our treatment pitch was helpful in the sense that it would help us come to a final decision of what our final short film would be about. For example, some of our classmates suggested that our storyline for the short film seemed to be that of a comic nature rather than a thriller nature, so this gave us something to work on. Another one of the suggestions made by our class was that we needed to consider how to create one scene, which was the scene were one of the characters fall unconscious. One of the final suggestions that we got from our treatment pitch was to make one of the characters involved in the madman's plot to kill someone. This was our original idea but we decided to opt against this as we didnt agree on this idea as a group, but looking back on our finished products, I believe that had this been added in, it could have a massive impact on the effectiveness of the storyline of the short film.

6. As for our print products, some of the comments that were left on my blog, they were equally balanced in terms of the positives and negatives of the print products. One of the comments on my blog were as follows: "You have kept the consistency of colour as red white and black is used on both products." The use of a consistent colour scheme for both print products is a convention of real-world print products, and the use of this allows the print products to appear professional as well as realistic