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Programs! by Mind Map: Programs!

1. Voki

1.1. This program is about making a character that lets you express who you are!You can record your voice to make your voki talk! You can make your own character and customize it the way you want.

2. Jamstudio

2.1. In this program you can make your own music! There are diffrent types of sounds of diffrent types of instruments that you can mix together!

3. Mindmap (

3.1. This is a mindmap it lets me put alot of information about one subject!

4. Word it out

4.1. In this program you can make a cool wall based on words you chosse! The words that you choose are mixed by the program!

5. Fright Catalog

5.1. In this program you can look for cool,scary and awesome holloween mask's. We used this program to make an animation in microsoft fireworks!

6. Animoto

6.1. In this program you can make a video with pictures that you choose and you can also add music!

7. Microsoft Fireworks

7.1. In this program you can create jpeg's,animation's,and more! Its a really cool program that is really interesting!

8. Rival Art

8.1. In this program there is pictures that are really amazing! There is a section where you can look at pictures that are about mascots!

9. Microsoft Word

9.1. In this program you can create writing projects! you can add alot of stuff like pictures,shapes, and other cool stuff! You can also print out letters!

10. Microsoft Excel

10.1. In this program you can make charts and graghs. You can put any information you want and you can add pictures!

11. Fact Monster

11.1. In this program you can look stuff about history or stuff about famous people! This will give you some facts about anything!

12. Cooltext

12.1. In this program you can transform a regular word into something cool by adding color a type of writing and lots of other things!

13. 9mmSFX

13.1. With this program we looked at eyes and we used these eye pictures for a animation project that we did in microsoft fireworks!

14. Online Venn Diagram

14.1. With this program we made a venn diagram about famouse balck atheletes!

15. Microsoft Power Point

15.1. With this program we can create a slideshow of a certain subject. You can add pictures and do lots more!

16. Morphing

16.1. In this program we had to morph ourselfs with animals or famous people! I morphed myself with Darth Maul from Star Wars!

17. Teacher Tube

17.1. This program is similar to youtube but in Teacher Tube, the videos are all about education.

18. Skype

18.1. In this program you can comunicate with poeple using cameras! Its like beeing next to them when your not!

19. Moodle

19.1. In this program I have all my asignments that I have completed over the year! I put my assignments in the moodle and take them out of the moodle and I can also edit them!

20. Voice Thread

20.1. In this program you can make a slideshow of pictures and you can add your voice to it by using a mic. It's a really cool program!