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Programs by Mind Map: Programs
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fright catalog

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is a word processing program, we typed many essays on here and even created brochures and cards!

Microsoft Excel

Excel is a program where you can make charts and spreadsheets, we used it for certain projects like the college budget


Wordle is a prgram where you think of something, an idea, then write words describing it.


Voki was a program where we could create our own avatars and make them however we wanted and add voice to them

JamStudio is an online music maker where you can create songs using music loops! It's free, however, if you want more then you would have to buy the premium upgrade.


Pixlr is the online alternative to Fireworks. Kids who don't have Fireworks installed on their computer use this program instead.


Morphthing is a fun program to use, you could make other faces by fusing two or more together. We used our school pictures and morphed with other people

Macromedia Fireworks

Fireworks is cool because we can edit pictures with it and create graphics, we can even publish them to the internet


The Moodle! This was our homepage where we uploaded all of our assignments from tech! Supervised by Mr. McNeil


Animoto is a program that we use to make movies out of pictures we upload


Voicethread was a slideshow type program where we could upload pictures or videos, and narrate them on our own using video recording, or voice recording.

Voz Me

Voz Me is a TTS (Text to Speech) Program online where you can turn your own text into voice, and save it as an audio file

IP switch mail server

The IP switch Mail Server was our class E-mail server. We used it for communication and even for assignments


Skype is a program where you can communicate with other people through video!


We use Mindmeister to make MindMaps out of things and put together projects, like I'm doing now


With 9mmSFX we used this website to change the eyes of our pictures with Fireworks

Best Animations

Best Animations was the site we went to get animated gifs for pictures and projects

Online Venn Diagram

We used an online venn diagram for a project in which we had to choose three of our favorite athletes and compare and contrast them

Microsoft PowerPoint

Powerpoint is a program that you can use to make your own slideshows

Rival Art

Rival Art is a website where you can get pictures of mascots and logos


CoolText is an online graphic generator that we use to make cool signs for projects

Fact Monster

Fact Monster is a website where you can get information about all kinds of things, and it's free!

Teacher Tube

TeacherTube is similar to YouTube except all of the videos are educational