All The Programs We Have Used In Technology.

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All The Programs We Have Used In Technology. by Mind Map: All The Programs We Have Used In Technology.

1. Macromedia Fireworks is a program that is used to either make an animation or edit a picture you want to use for something.

2. Microsoft Word is a program used mainly to type letters, envolpes, cards, and ID of something or someone.

3. Microsoft Powerpoint is used to make presentations on items that need to be studied or to explain stuff with visual aid.

4. Microsoft Excel is used to make a list on stuff that needs to be in order of to also make charts on information that has been gathered.

5. is a website that is used to sell halloween type contacts to anyone in the world that is interested in buy them.

6. is a website that shows all sorts of mascot that are out there in the world of sports, and also sells T-shirts and other merchandice they have online.

7. is used to make your own buttons, and logos by clicking on what you want between either one then click on the style and then you do the rest.

8. Logo

9. Fright Catalog

10. Best Animations

11. Voicethread

12. SAISD Blog



15. Teacher Tube

16. Word it out

17. Mindmeister

18. Moodle

19. IP Switch Mail

20. Animoto

21. Online Templates

22. Fact Monster

23. Skype

24. Pixlr

25. Online Venn Diagram