O Brother Where Art Thou is an adaptation of the Odyssey.

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O Brother Where Art Thou is an adaptation of the Odyssey. by Mind Map: O Brother Where Art Thou is an adaptation of the Odyssey.

1. O Brother Where Art Thou

1.1. Characters

1.1.1. Penny Has a suitor She is Everett's Wife Is Loyal to Everett even after he broke out of jail to come back and get her.

1.1.2. Big Dan He has one Eye Big Dan is very big as his name suggests He is a "Shepard" with the sheep being the KKK~ members

1.1.3. Homer Makes Everett Famous in his record as the Soggy Bottom Boys He is Blind

1.2. Protagonist / Hero

1.2.1. Ulysses Everett Mcgill

1.2.2. Brave He saves tommy and he rescues Pete from jail

1.2.3. Clever He comes up with the plan to use the KKK uniforms to get Tommy.

1.2.4. Hero He shows many good traits like bravery, intelligence, and

1.3. Epic Features

1.3.1. Geographically Large Takes place in Kentucky and Missisippi

1.3.2. Tells about author's culture. Shows the role of women and shows racism

1.3.3. Heroic protagonist Everett is Heroic, because he journeys back for his wife and kids he saves Tommy & Pete, and he keeps everyone safe in the end.

1.3.4. A journey or quest Everett escaped from prison to get his wife back from the suitor that was trying to marry her.

1.3.5. Hero is Celebrated in the end Everett gets to live happily with his wife after his adventure.

1.3.6. Super natural powers There are hints of supernatural powers, like when the flood saved them from Cooley, the blind prophet predicting their fate, and when Tommy said he sold his soul to the devil.

2. The Odyssey

2.1. Charachters

2.1.1. Penelope She has several suitors She is Odysseus's wife She is very faithful and doesn't let the suitors marry her even after 20 long years of waiting for Odysseus to come home.

2.1.2. Polyphemus He Has One Eye He is Very large He is a Sheppard Polyphemus is defeated by a flaming stick/spear

2.1.3. Homer Makes Odysseus famous in his story He is blind

2.2. Protagonist / Hero

2.2.1. His name is Odysseus

2.2.2. Brave He is shown not to back down to danger, for example when Polyphemus trapped them, he did not panic.

2.2.3. Clever He is very clever, he formulates the plan to escape form Polyphemus by using the sheep.

2.2.4. Hero He shows very desirable and heroic traits like honesty, intelligence, and bravery .

2.3. Epic Features

2.3.1. Geographically Large It takes place in the Oceans around Greece, and the journey takes more than 20 years.

2.3.2. Tells About Author's Culture Shows several things, like the role of women and how well guests were treated in addition to how the gods and mythical creatures were treated.

2.3.3. Heroic Protagonist Odysseus is very heroic because he is a war hero returning from the long war.

2.3.4. A Journey or Quest Odysseus is journeying to get home to Ithaca, where his wife and son are waiting for him to return.

2.3.5. Hero Is Celebrated in the end Odysseus

2.3.6. Super natural powers There are several super natural powers seen in the Odyssey to name a few, Cyclops, gods, monsters, prophets, and nymphs.