What you want from this course?

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What you want from this course? by Mind Map: What you want from this course?

1. Potential for marketing

2. Get the message out to visitors

3. How to use the tools better

4. Get more courses under my belt

5. Have something on paper

6. Familiarity with the tools

7. Learned as I went, now want more formalized

8. Understand business uses

9. Formalize my learning

10. Be on top of the latest knowledge

11. Use tools more effectively, make the most of what we're doing

12. How it applies to workplace: new job or my own business

13. Understand it - "into Facebook, no clue"

14. Learn more about social media and marketing communications

15. Met social media job requirements

16. Build contact lists, extend reach, find out how to give back

17. Using social media to benefit business

18. Better understand business, consumers

19. Engage audience around speaker series

20. Development, alumni engagement, parenting skill

21. choosing best social media channel for stakeholders

22. activist work, make money selling art