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speaking by Mind Map: speaking

1. Pro's for NAPLAN

1.1. Leadership

1.1.1. National, State, Regional, Network, and School Very good for trends Student cohorts School cohorts Curriculum areas A standardised, nation-wide test.

1.1.2. Curriculum See "Item Analysis Report" Using the IAR (as mentioned above), a curriculum group, or PLT could target specific areas within their area, thus improving curriculum planning.

1.2. Staff

1.2.1. Staff have an additional, standardised, nation-wide data source to compare to their teacher judgement

1.3. Students

1.3.1. VERY little, hence the construction of this site.

1.3.2. A standardised, nation-wide comparison with other students of their age. NB> The results are barely relevant after a 4 month turn-around.

1.4. MySchool website

1.4.1. As a parent I have found this very helpful. NB. I can also see it as having a negative influence (see below)