Conflicts Over Land

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Conflicts Over Land by Mind Map: Conflicts Over Land

1. Indian Removal Act

1.1. Congress passed the act in 1830 which allowed federal government to pay Indians to move west.

2. Andrew Jackson

2.1. 7th U.S president who sent officials to talk to the Indiansa and have an agreement with the treaty

3. Indian territory

3.1. An area in present-day Oklahoma, for Native Americans from The Southeast

4. Cherokee Nation

4.1. the cherokees sued state government and took their case to supreme court.

4.2. the cherokees did not want to give up their land. In treaties in 1790 the govnment recongnized Cherokee Laws

5. Winfield Scott

5.1. In 1838 General Winfield Scott and an army of 7,000 federal troops came to remove the Cherokee from their homes and lead them west

5.2. (reminds me of the holocaust)

6. Relocate: to force a person or group of people to move

7. Guerrilla Tactics making surprise attacks and then retreating back into the forest and swamps

8. Trail of tears

8.1. Brutal weather hit Cherokee during their forced move It became know as the trail where they cried.

9. Osceola

9.1. and honorable hero and a victim of trickery. event though he waged war agaisnt the U.s